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The Hispanic Crime Prevention Program (HCPP) is an initiative coordinated through the Center for the Administration of Justice (CAJ), a unit of the college of Health and Urban Affairs (CHUA) at Florida International University (FIU). CAJ was founded in 1984 to engage in research, training and public education on the administration of justice. HCPP began in 1995 as an initiative of the Florida's Attorney General, to improve crime prevention among Hispanics in the State. In its initial year, efforts were concentrated on research and conducting focus groups. Information gathered from these efforts demonstrated that Florida's Hispanics had unique attitudes and views regarding law enforcement and crime prevention. Their behavior and lack of participation in crime prevention programs was often shaped by their experience with their native countries abusive and unfair legal systems.
Throughout the years, HCPP has focused on critical issues affecting the Hispanic communities, specifically, youths at risk and domestic violence. The Program has hosted forums and organized conferences covering youth gangs and domestic violence issues as they affect the Hispanic community.
Today, HCPP continues to evaluate current crime prevention programs, and introduce new methods for engaging Hispanics in targeted communities throughout South and Central Florida. HCPP has developed a multifaceted community outreach campaign, which includes a series of bilingual publications, workshops, radio and television programs and Public Service Announcements (PSAs). As the program evolves the Program continues to be dedicated to reducing the incidence of crime in the Hispanic community through the use of targeted and topic specific messages disseminated through mainstream Spanish media outlets.

The Mission of the program is to inform and orient Florida's Hispanics about the judicial system, law enforcement and victim services available in Central and South Florida. HCPP aims to eliminate misconceptions that create friction between Hispanics and the various crime protection organizations. 
With a comprehensive bilingual and bicultural communications outreach campaign, The Program's goal is to increase the Hispanic Communities' understanding and usage of existing services provided by both private and public organizations. HCPP aims to empower Hispanics to improve their quality of life.

Community Outreach
Annual Domestic Violence Conference. 
Participation in State and National Conferences.
Offices of National Drug Control Policy.
Trapped by Poverty/Trapped by Abuse Research Conference.
International Conference on Family Violence.
Workshops and Forums.
Secure our Street; Safety Tools Workshops.
Violence in Schools; Juvenile Crime Prevention.
Profiles of Drug Uses and Delinquency.
Family Factors and Immigrant Hispanic Adolescents.
Safety and Security.
Know your rights.
Immigration; Domestic Violence Issues.
Protect your Children; Internet Crimes.  
Spanish Language educational materials and video library.

Social Marketing
Spanish language half-hour television programs.
Public Service Announcements (PSAs).
Profiles of Drug Uses and Delinquency.
Spanish half-hour programs.
Public Service Announcements.
Newspapers and Magazines
Articles of general interest 
Bilingual website

Our Partners
State Attorney's Office, Florida 9th and 11th Judicial Circuits
Public Defender's Office, Florida 11th Judicial Circuit
Miami-Dade County School Board

Miami-Dade and Orange Counties Police Departments
Citizens Crime Watch
Latino Alliance Against Family Violence

The Victim Service Center
Drug Treatment Center

Ana Carazo          Deputy Director CAJ

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