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The Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Bureau is..

Helping "Take a Bite Out of Crime..!"

Members of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Bureau are dedicated to helping you reduce your risk for being a victim of crime. One of the first concerns of Sheriff Cal Henderson as he took office in 1992, was how could the services of the Crime Prevention Bureau be increased or existing programs enhanced to better serve the citizens of Hillsborough County.

Because of these endevors, our organization was selected as the "Outstanding Crime Prevention Unit" for the State of Florida by the Attorney General Office in 1994. Listed below is a guide for the crime awareness and safety programs offered by our office. Our objective is to help increase your level of awarness and help you reduce your chances for being a "target of crime." The best part about all these services is they are free for the asking by calling (813) 247-8115.

The programs listed below are presented by members of the Sheriff's Crime Awarness Team (SCAT) who are trained by the Florida Attorney General's Office as Certified Crime Prevention Practitioners. The instructions that you will receive will be factual, up-to-date, and proven methods of prevention which have been developed at the state level.

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Click on the following links for a brief program description:


Apartment Watch


Auto Theft Prevention


Bank Robbery Training


Business Watch


Cons and Frauds Prevention


Drug Awareness:


Drugs in the Workplace


Home Security Surveys


Loss Prevention (Retail Theft, Checks, & Credit Cards)


Neighborhood Watch


Personal Safety Awareness


Residential & Commercial Security Surveys


Robbery Prevention:


Violence in the Workplace


Youth Crime Watch

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Program Descriptions

Apartment Watch: Another modification of the successful Neighborhood Watch program, Apartment Watch was designed to meet the needs of apartment communities which tend to be more transitory that are communities made of single family residences. The goal is to organize a phone chain of building captains, one from each building, and to educate them on auto and residential security and the effective reporting of suspicious incidents.

Auto Theft Prevention: In this one hour program, vehicle owners are educated about the auto theft problem in the United States and what they can do to help prevent it. Various anti-theft measures discussed include steering wheel locks, car alarms, electronic kill switches, and electronic retrieval systems.

Bank Robbery Training: This program, designed specifically for financial institutions, includes the same information as the Robbery Prevention Program but actually goes a step further. Members from the Crime Prevention Bureau and the Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team stage a very realistic "mock bank robbery" using volunteer tellers from the bank.

Business Watch: The Business Watch program is patterned after the highly successful Neighborhood Watch program. As with Neighborhood Watch, its purpose is to increase communication and awareness of crime in the business community.

Cons and Frauds Prevention: Most cons and frauds are successfully perpetrated because victims are not familiar with the con artist's "modus operandi". By the end of this program, the participants are able to identify several types of scams to include home repair fraud, bank examiner scheme, the "Pigeon Drop", land frauds, phony investment scams, and fraudulent lotteries.
Drug Awareness: As a companion to the Sheriff's Office Drug Awareness for Children, this program is designed to educate adults on the deadly effects of drug abuse and alcoholism.

Drugs in the Workplace: The goal of this one hour program is to educate adults on the dangers and legal ramifications regarding the use and abuse of controlled substances in the workplace.

Home Security: This one hour program is designed to heighten the homeowner's awareness of burglary and theft. Proven home security measures which can easily be incorporated in any home are thoroughly explained using sample locks and a slide presentation.

Loss Prevention (Shoplifting & Credit Card/Check Fraud): Retail business losses from shoplifting and fraud can total billions of dollars a year. These prevention programs are offered to the business community to raise their awareness of these types of crimes as well as minimize their risk of becoming a victim.

Neighborhood Watch: The Neighborhood Watch program is a national, voluntary, self-help crime prevention effort centered around the community and local law enforcement working together for the safety and protection of a neighborhood. This two hour program includes instruction on organizing a Neighborhood Watch group and telephone communication chain, how to report suspicious incidents to law enforcement, and residential security.

Personal Safety Awareness: Because one's personal safety is paramount to most people, the Crime Prevention Bureau offers this class designed to heighten the individual's awareness of violent crime and how to possibly avoid it. Personal safety awareness while at home, in the car, at work, or out walking is discussed.

Residential and Commercial Security Surveys: Members of the Sheriff's Crime Awareness Team are available to respond to residences and businesses to conduct on-site security inspections. There is no fee for this community service.

Robbery Prevention: This one hour program is designed to educate citizens and businesses how to react before, during, and after an armed robbery.

Violence in the Workplace: Due to increased occurrences of violence in the workplace, the Crime Prevention Bureau has developed this comprehensive training program. Some of the topics covered during this 3 - 4 hour seminar include domestic violence, physical safety and security measures, pre-employment screening, recognizing inappropriate behaviors, crisis management, and legal obligations of the employer.

Youth Crime Watch: Youth Crime Watch is the young person's component of a Neighborhood Watch group. The program is a network of students caring enough about themselves, their friends and their schools to become involved in the fight against crime and drugs on their school campus.

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