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Protect Yourself: Credit Card Fraud
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Credit card fraud is a serious problem. Credit card fraud causes an estimated $1 billion each year in losses in the United States. The consumer pays for the fraud by way of higher finance charges, annual fees, and increased costs for law enforcement. To protect against credit card fraud, consider the following:


bulletProtect Your Bills and Credit Cards

Unscrupulous scam artists raid mailboxes to gather renewal credit cards and bills to obtain credit card numbers. Be aware of when your cards and bills are due to arrive. If they are late, contact your credit card company. Endorse all credit cards when they arrive. Keep a record of your credit card number in a secure place. Include in that record the expiration date, phone number and address of the card issuer. Check your cards to ensure none are missing. Always get your credit card back promptly from salesclerks.

bulletGuard Your Credit Card Number

Do not give your credit card number over the phone unless you are dealing with a company you have done business with before. Memorize your PIN number and do not keep it with your credit card.

bulletMerchants Cannot Require You to Show Your Credit Card for Identification When Paying by Check

It is a violation of Florida law to require a consumer to produce a credit card number or expiration date before payment by check. However, a consumer can be required to show that they have a valid credit card. The merchant can note the type of card (ex: Visa) and the name of the issuing bank.

bulletSafety Tips When Using Your Credit Card

Destroy carbons and voided receipts immediately. Check your bill against receipts that have been kept in a secure place. If you are not using a credit card, destroy it immediately. Report stolen and lost cards immediately. When on a trip, carry the name of the issuer, account number and the toll free number of the issuer in a secure place. Note the date, time and person to whom you reported that your card was lost or stolen.

Source: Originally developed by the Florida Attorney General's Office

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